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Fourteen years ago Britney sat down for an exclusive interview to listen to citizens, via video, talk about what they thought of her outfit for her  2000 MTV VMA performance.

"I’m not their parents! I’m Britney Spears."

I love what she’s wearing here, lol. But I love her reactions. She’s just making fun of them 💗

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Found a better use for the wine glasses

That’s a martini glass

I’m literally using it for milk and cookies does it look like I care about the finer points of debauchery

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Britney photographed by Ranjit Singh Grewal, 2003

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school isn’t even about learning anymore, it’s about passing

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Pete Wentz taking food from a homeless man and then laughing about it

He didn’t take it from him,the bottom photo should be on top,he was being a good person and giving that man that bag of food.

no he stole it

Wow, seriously? Go search it up. He was being a good person. And if you look closely at the first photo anyways, Pete’s hand is just about ready to let go of it. He is obviously giving it. God, i hate people sometimes. Even if this is a joke just to get people worked up. You are fucking stupid. Get something better to do. God.

no he stole it

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And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids and your talking dog

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